Heritage Barns

If you’re after that classic American style barn or need horse stables for your lifestyle block, our range of Heritage Barns offer you some great choices.

With spans ranging from 9 to 12 meters and with variable heights and lengths from 6 to 60 meters, we have your requirements covered.

Using our unique pre-engineered kitset plans, you can build your own barn by following a simple step-by step construction process. You’ll be provided with detailed plans and an easy to follow construction manual with the main structural components marked for easy identification and placement, cut to length and drilled to suit bolt placement.

Alternatively, if you’re not a DIY type then, depending on location, we can put you in touch with one of our experienced agents to project manage your build for you. You can find a local agent by clicking here.

Go ahead and do it! With Shed Creator there is nothing stopping you from designing your dream Heritage barn right now.